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Media Release 2014


The Wismer Foundation and the Wismer Award for High School Coaching Excellence Selection Committee are delighted to announce this year's five finalists for the Award. All five nominees are teachers and coaches and long time contributors to the Hamilton high school coaching scene. Each is a dedicated, innovative, and outstanding member of their respective school board and the Hamilton community. This year's five finalists for the 11th Annual Wismer Award for High School Coaching Excellence are:


Dave Cheeseman- Glendale Secondary School

  • first time nominee and first time finalist
  • seventeen years coaching, coached junior and senior football, baseball and floorball
  • one City championship, finalist five times
  • admires coach: Fred Jazvac - his high school football coach at Westdale- a first class gentleman who introduced him to coaching football when he was student teaching with him 20 years ago. He has outstanding knowledge of the game, is always prepared for opponents and calm and fair with his players. Joseph Cheeseman (my dad) - his earliest years are fondly remembered with his dad as his coach, he instilled the value of giving back to your community and that "volunteers are the backbone of any organization."
  • most memorable coaching moment is not one defining play or win. It is what happens every spring during our junior football season at Glendale Secondary School.We always have between 5 - 10 varsity football players assist us during the junior season and encourage our student athletes to "give back" and be better peoplewhen they leave our program. I love coaching junior football because of the eager, inexperienced players as well as the veterans who are "givingback".     


Peter Luvisa- St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

  • second  time nominee and second time finalist
  • twenty five years coaching, coached junior football, track
  • six City football championships, ten football championship appearances, multiple undefeated seasons
  • there is no one coach that inspires him. He is inspired and motivated to coach with every ounce of energy he has by all coaches who prepare their teams and players well. They are the ones who challenge him to do the best he can in order to compete at their level.
  • there are so many little things that make up my favourite coaching moments and the things that I love about coaching football.

I love the smell of fall in the air as we gather to have our first practices, and the sounds of whistles piercing the air, directing players and coaches through their drills. I love the excitement of a new season with the potential for a great victory, and the excitement when a player makes the team or is chosen to be a starter or a captain. I love the nervous anticipation of both coaches and players on the day of our first game and how our team looks when they all wear their game jerseys and pants together for the first time. I love when what we planned and practiced actually does happen…when we win that game that nobody thought we would win…when the bus erupts in chant and laughter and song after a big win. I love the heartfelt and sincere thanks from both players and parents at the end of a season. I love the sadness and sometimes tears players shed at having to give back the equipment when the season is over, not because of any game lost or won, but because of the feeling that something fantastic in their lives is coming to an end, of losing the special bond that they feel with their coaches and their team. I love walking through a shopping mall years later and being stopped by former players who tell me how much they loved playing football and how much of a difference it made in their lives. I love coaching with some of the same players that once were coached by me. I love receiving anonymous letters like the one I received a couple months ago that said, “Thank you Mr. Luvisa for accepting me onto the football team. When I was in grade ten, I was afraid of trying out. I never worked so hard, thank you for teaching me that perfection and precision are important in life.”It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that it is the thousand little things that paint the perfect picture of coaching.


Andrea McCabe- Cathedral Catholic Secondary School

  • first time nominee and first time finalist
  • thirty years coaching, has coached girls basketball, volleyball and soccer, boys basketball and volleyball, and kimball
  • two girls City basketball championships, one boys City volleyball championship, three silver medals volleyball, five silver  medals basketball, one bronze medal kinball.  
  • admires coach Joe Dittrapani for his passion, Mark Walton for his standards, and Antoinette Krusto for her ability to create a team
  • best coaching moment: 2012 boys volleyball team lost the quarter finals to silver medalists in the 5th set 20-18. It was a great experience despite losing those boys gave everything they had in the battle…we had no business taking them to five  but we did- achieving more than we thought possible, and I was so proud of them.


Al Robertson- Ancaster Secondary School

  • first time nominee and first time finalist
  • fourteen years coaching, coached girls senior basketball
  • one City basketball championship, one silver City chamiponship, SOSSA champions ten times, one OFSAA bronze medal
  • admires coach: John Scott
  • best coaching moment: winning their first City championship and advancing to OFSAA


Bob Wynne- Ancaster High School

  • second time nominee and second time finalist
  • fourty years coaching, coached senior boys basketball
  • five SOSSA championships, nine City championships, four HWIAC championships,  two OFSAA bronze medals
  • Keith Gould at Highland is the coach in the community that he admires and who inspires him. Keith has coached boys and girls basketball for over twenty years. He is at a school that has had a small student body up until the recent amalgamation with Parkside. He never has had anything near the talent of most other coaches in the area but his teams have always been well prepared, given a full effort and have been sportsmanlike, often under difficult circumstances.
  • My most memorable moment was when one day I realized how many former players in our Ancaster High program were head coaches at the high school level giving back to the community- Dan Meyer, Jon Vermeer, Mark Bieksa, Duncan McNeill, Andrew Baillie, Tom Fischer, David Moses and also Peter Malcolmson who has had a well publicized career as an official in London. I felt I had been a part of something that is enduring and their experience at Ancaster High in the basketball program was valued.


Other outstanding coaches nominated this year included: Jessica Dymnet- St Thomas More, Mary Ellen Schiestel-St Thomas More, Sandra Holmes- Barton, Andrew Sergi- Cardinal Newman and Dave Walters- Westdale.

The 11th Annual Wismer Award for High School Coaching Excellence will be presented to one of the Final Five nominees at the Wismer Foundation Golf Tournament and Award Presentation Dinner on Tuesday, May 27th at Carlisle Golf and Country Club. To play in the Golf Tournament, to obtain tickets for the Award Dinner, or to learn more please visit the wismerfoundation.org website or call Stacy Wismer                                                                                                     

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