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2015 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Meghan Hutchison and Abid Doust

Meghan Hutchison...coming soon

Abid Doust says he really enjoyed his four years at Henderson Secondary School. He loved to work hard and received many academic, athletic and volunteer awards. This includes subject wards such as business, science, physical education, etc. Abid had the highest science average and the most volunteer hours in his graduating class. His love for athletics enabled him to participate in various sports such as volleyball, track adn field, basketball, soccer, badminton, and frisbee. The recipient of the MVP and Athlete of the Year three out of four years while at Henderson, Abid is a most deserving candidate. He is pursuing his studies in mechanical engineering at University.

2014 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Cameron McKay played hockey, football, basketball and volleyball in Grade 9. In Grade 10 he PLAYED football and HOCKEY and in Grade 11 he played football while receiving the Physical Education Award and Jr. B Letter for athletic PARTICIPATION. In Grade 12 Cam played football and received the Offensive MVP Award, Michael Yacusiw Bursary twice, Photography Award, SHSM Award and was an Ontario Scholar. Receiving a Silver medal for having an 80% average for three years, he graduated with a 95% average in Grade 12. Cameron was Captain of the football team his entire high school tenure and Captain of the hockey team in Grade 10. Cameron also played hockey for the Hamilton Reps in Grade 9 and 10, and is a member of the Hamilton Ironmen Varsity football team. Cam’s accomplishments speak for themselves!

Cameron is CONTINUING his education at Mohawk COLLEGE IN Broadcasting - Television and Communications Media in September 2014.

Jenana Lovic excelled both academically and athletically while playing touch football, volleyball and soccer all four years at Barton. In Grade 10 she was the Junior Athlete of the Year and MVP of the volleyball team. Jenana received Senior Athlete of the Year and was MVP of the touch football, soccer and volleyball teams. She also obtained her Junior B letter and was a Proficiency Award recipient.
Jenana is persuing her education at MOHAWK COLLEGE in the Health Wellness and Fitness program.


2013 Academic and Athletic Excellence

MaiceeMaicee Sorensonexcelled both academically and athletically while at Barton. MVP of the Junior Basketball team, MVP of the Varsity Soccer team and receiving female Junior Athlete of the year were her initial Grade 9 accomplishments. She was MVP of the touch football team, and female Junior Athlete of the year in grade 10. The following year she was female Athlete of the Year, won the Blue B Award, and was MVP of the Senior Girls Volleyball Team. In Maicee's final year she received the Principles Award for Student Leadership and Athletic/Academic Balance, the William Flannigan Geography Award, and was an Ontario scholar. During her tenure at Barton, Maicee played volleyball for the Mountain Volleyball Club and received a leadership award. She was chosen for the Under 18 Volleyball Team Ontario squad. Touch football, volleyball basketball, waterpolo, badminton, soccer, and softball were the teams Maicee played on while at Barton, and she maintained a spot on the honour role for three out of four years.

Maicee will continue her studies at McMaster in September on a volleyball scholarship.

Dylan Phillips played volleyball for three years, football for a year and basketball for four years while at Barton. He has also assisted coaching the Midget Basketball team and this year was assistant coach for the Senior Girls Basketball team. Outside of school he played basketball for the Hamilton Wildcats for four years and Blessed Sacrament for one year.

A proud recipient of the History Award and Physical  Education Award in Grade 12, Dylan will pursue his education at McMaster University in 2014.


2012 Academic and Athletic Excellence



Alexandrea Misuk played volleyball, touch football and baseball all four years at Barton. She also played basketball, badminton,waterpolo, and soccer for three years,  and field hockey for one year. Allee was a member of the Boys Senior Football team for one year. It is amazing she had time for school work!

She was MVP of the girls touch football team in 2012-2013, was an active member of the  Barton  Athletic Council and an active member of Student Council in 2011-2012.

This outstanding, high achieving young athlete also received her junior, senior, and Blue B letter.

Allee received the Principles Award, was an Ontario Scholar and on the honor role in Grade 11 and 12.

Allee will be attending Trent University for Environmental Sciences in September.

2011 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Luke Vanderheyden played soccer, volleyball, tennis and basketball while attending Barton Secondary School. He enjoyed many athletics awards while attending Barton including: Soccer MVP, Volleyball MVP, Barton Blue 'B' Award and the Senior Athlete of the Year Award for a total of 7 Barton Athletic Banquet Awards. Luke has played rep soccer for various teams throughout Southern Ontario, lastly playing for the Mount Hamilton Under 21 squad. Academically Luke maintained an over 80% average throughout high school becoming an Ontario Scholar. Luke  returned to Barton for a semester and will be attending McMaster University in the fall of 2012 to study kinesiology and hopes to join the varsity soccer team.

Cassandra Barrett  excelled at an aray of sports throughout her highschool career (hockey, waterpolo, volleyball, touch football, field hockey, baseball) receiving MVP for hockey consecutively for four years. She is a proud recipient of the Barton Blue 'B' letter in her senior year. She participated in numerous teams outside of school including hockey for both Lawfield and the Hamilton Hawks as well as fastball with the Dundas Running Rebels. Cassie is an Ontario scholar, achieving an average of over 80 for four years and is currently studying Arts and Sciences at the University of Guelph.

2010 Academic and Athletic Excellence

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Samantha Toma  played indoor/outdoor soccer, volleyball, badminton, touch football, softball and basketball while attending Barton High School. Athletically, Samantha won basketball MVP all 4 years of her high school tenure and won a total of 6 athletic banquet awards. Academically, Samantha won a gold medal as a part of the academic honour society for maintaining an 80+% average all four years. An Ontario scholar for an 80+% entry average into University and a recipient of the Ontario Principal's Council Award, Samantha is presently studying Nursing at McMaster, plays basketball for the Hamilton Wildcats, and volunteers at Henderson Hospital.

Devin France played football, cricket, water polo, badminton, and baseball while attending Barton High School. Devin was the team captain of the Barton Blue Barons football team and class valedictorian. He enjoyed acting throughout his high school career, winning a Sears District Merit Award for acting. Passionate about sports and always working hard to stand out- Devin won the John Wismer MVP Lineman of the Year Award. Devin is proud of his many accomplishments, also winning a couple of Drama Awards, the Gym Award, and the History Award. Next year Devin plans to attend Western University and study criminology.

2009 Academic and Athletic Excellence

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Joshua Mueller was Athlete of the Year, three out of four years at Barton and won a total of 8 athletic banquet awards. He participated in SOSSA and the city finals for volleyball in grade 11 and played indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball, badminton and basketball.
Josh also won a gold medal from the academic honour society for having an 80+% average during all four years at Barton. He was an Ontario Scholar with an 80+% entry average into University.
Joshua is studying Kinesiology at McMaster and plays soccer for the McMaster Marauders.

2007 Academic and Athletic Excellence



Marcus Mayall has excelled in both academics and athletics at Barton over the past 4 years. Marcus has played on several athletic teams at Barton, the most prominent being the football team. Marcus’s ability on the football field and his leadership has made him an excellent role model for other student athletes. Marcus was part of the peer helper program in a Grade 9 Phys-Ed class and volunteered to help coach the junior football team. He has been a member of the BAC (Barton’s Athletic Council) where his leadership, sense of humour, sense of fair play, and attitude of inclusiveness have made him a valued contributor.

Marcus will pursue his education at McMaster University in Georgraphy.

2006 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Alexander Barnett is a bright, kind hearted student athlete. He exhibits great sportsmanship and his natural athletic abilities have allowed him to excel at any new sport he tries. Alex played volleyball, basketball, soccer and cricket. They went to the City Finals in Volleyball and on to OFSAA.

He is easily coached, leads his teams and is always pleasant. Alex is not afraid to try new things and is determined with his goals. His dedication to sports spreads into the community as Alex has demonstrated his love by coaching a little league soccer team.

Alex received MVP for Sr. Basketball, Male Athlete of the Year, Valedictorian and was a Gold Medal Member for the Academic Honour Society, graduating with 90.6%-the highest average in the class. He will be attending the University of Toronto next year studying Life Sciences.

2005 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Brad Crawford exemplifies the term Student-Athlete. He is graduating as an Ontario Scholar and as a gold Medal Member of the Academic Honour Society. His Athletic career at Barton has been equally impressive. He went to OFSAA all 4 years for Track and Field and has 3 Medals to show for his hard work. He has played Hockey and Volleyball for the school as well. For several years he was the heart and soul of our Waterpolo team where his never quit attitude kept him swimming when there were no substitutes to put in the pool. For many though he will be best remembered for his performance on the Football Field. He was outstanding every year. He almost single handedly turned around our last game of the season against Glendale when he ran repeatedly for 30 and 40 yard carries and changed our fate from being blown out and eliminated to getting a semi final berth. We look forward to watching him continue to play next year at the University of Guelph.

Jennifer Holt is a natural athlete who excels at any sport she attempts. She has a positive influence on other athletes with her excellent attitude and her ability to lead by example. She has been involved in 7 different sports teams during her time at Barton and has played rep volleyball in her community during that time. She was this year's co-recipient of the Senior Athlete of the Year, recipient of the OFSAA Award and also received the Most Sportsmanlike Athlete as voted on by her peers. She was an executive member of the Barton Athletic Council and volunteered within her community assisting young children with their reading skills. She did all of this while maintaining her Proficiency Award every year and graduating with an average of 89.3%. Jen will be attending McMaster University to study Kinesiology and play on the varsity volleyball team.

Congratulations Brad and Jennifer.

2004 Academic and Athletic Excellence


Jennifer Kennedy received the second Wismer Award for Academic and Athletic Excellence on June 29th, 2004 at the Barton High School graduation. This September, Jennifer will continue her education at McMaster University in the Kinesiology program. Jennifer is a studious, dedicated and intelligent woman. Jennifer obtained a 92.4% average over the past two years. Jennifer is a conscientious student who excels academically and athletically. While at Barton, Jennifer played field hockey, volleyball, touch football and track and field. In her final year at Barton, she went to OFSAA with the senior girl's volleyball team, and also performed well at South Regionals for track and field.

She was a two-time winner of Barton's Most Sportsmanlike Award. The award is voted on by all female athletes at the school. The recipient is the individual who best demonstrates team spirit, leadership, a positive attitude, and is considered to be a top notch role model. She has been on the Barton Athletic Council for four years, including a term on the executive, and has organized fundraising events, and the athletic banquet. Jennifer continues the emerging tradition of Wismer Award winners who early in their lives are making a contribution to sports and scholastics.

2003 Academic and Athletic Excellence

Kevin Noble  was the first recipient of the Wismer Award for Academic and Athletic Excellence.
He graduated in June 2003 from Barton High School. An excellent student with a keen interest in science and math, it was a natural progression for Kevin to enter the engineering program at McMaster University. Throughout his high school tenure, Kevin carried a heavy academic load, and sport's was his counterbalance. Kevin participated in football, rugby, rowing and weight training. At McMaster, he is a member of the Marauder's varsity rugby team, and currently plays for the Hamilton Hornets. Kevin lives for contact sports. He believes they help define physical limits, help you understand how and when to depend on others and force you to stay alert. He says "sport's clears the mind and helps build healthy friendships and relationships."

His coaches said Kevin's leadership abilities, enthusiasm and positive attitude made him a pleasure to coach. Commitment, determination and fairness are values Kevin lives by. Coach Wismer shared the same values and they made Kevin Noble the deserving recipient of the first ever Wismer Award for Academic and Athletic Excellence in 2003.


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